Welcome to our office. We are pleased that you have chosen us to help meet your dental needs. So that you may know us better and help maintain good communication, we have noted a few of our office policies here.

Our Philosophy
To provide our patients with quality dental care and meet their dental needs in a spirit of caring and warmth. We want you to be comfortable at each visit and feel that you have been treated as an individual with unique concerns and needs.

Our Services
We are pleased to offer:
  • All phases of General or Family Dentistry
  • Orthodontics (with special emphasis on Interceptive Orthodontics for the growing child)
  • TMJ (jaw joint and/or muscle and headache pain from bite disorders)
  • Habit control programs (for thumb sucking, tongue-thrust swallowing, etc)
  • Complete mouth restoration

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM-5:30 PM

It is best to call the office early in the day to make appointments or to conduct any business matters. An appointment is a specific period of time reserved especially for you. From your point of view, it's a time to receive dental care promised to you by our office. From our viewpoint, a patient's appointment is a commitment to our office. It is reasonable for both of us to expect that this mutual obligation will be honored.

We ask that patients give at least 48 hours notice if an appointment must be changed so others may use the time. We prefer not to treat the patient who repeatedly misses appointments.

Emergency Care
It is usually best to treat our patients during office hours when the complete staff is available. However, for an urgent problem, the Doctor may be reached at home after hours by calling the office answering service.

Every effort is made to honor our regularly scheduled patients, although the more urgent problems will be seen immediately and the less urgent as soon as time is open during normal office hours.

Types of emergencies
  1. More urgent: severe pain, swelling, accident or injury, etc.
  2. Less urgent: little or no pain, no swelling, i.e., chipped tooth, lost filling, loose crown, etc.
It is advised to call early in the week and early in the day to arrange an emergency appointment. They will be scheduled in order of priority.

First Appointment
On your first visit, a permanent record will be started for you. You will be asked to complete a patient registration and health history form. Necessary X-rays will be taken, usually a full series consisting of a Pantographic film and two Bitewing films.

The Doctor will spend the necessary time with you reviewing your records and giving a complete examination. A diagnosis will be made with a proposed treatment plan and estimate given, if possible, on the initial visit. For the more complicated treatment plan, a second visit may be necessary. Every attempt will be made for the consultation to be as thorough as possible and to have a complete understanding of your desires and needs.

Fees . . . an investment
Our fees are usual and customary for dentists in the area and are on file with the California Dental Service (Delta Dental). Our fee schedule is available for your review upon request.

Charges for office visits and treatment are determined by the time spent, the severity and complexity of the situation, as well as the materials required.

Because statements, billing and collection costs have become so very expensive and time- consuming, payment is expected for office visits and treatment at the time the services are rendered unless financial arrangements are made. We do accept VISA and MasterCard and will help to arrange financing for major treatment cases.

We welcome any discussion of fees prior to treatment, as your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Home Care
Excellent dental health depends upon a partnership between the patient and the dental health care team. Our staff will instruct you in the basics of a sound oral hygiene program which you can accomplish at home. This home care is another investment you can make to keep your dental health costs down.

The Goal
A pleasing, beautiful smile and comfortable mouth with natural teeth to last your lifetime, or certainly as long as possible, is our goal. We have the best opportunity to achieve this goal through a program of education, prevention, and timely, high quality treatment. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you meet this goal.

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